Mission Statement for Indy Boot Camps:

Praise: To honor Christ in my work.

Purpose: To help you achieve your Health, Fitness and Nutrition Goals!

Provision: Meeting your daily Health, Fitness and Nutrition needs.

Pardon: Releasing the past mistakes of your Dieting and Exercising.

Protection: Avoiding and fleeing the bad foods, media quakes being thrown at you daily and being a truth seeker.

Perspective: Staying humbled yet excited about the goals you have achieved during your great life.

Providing Senior Fitness Training in Indianapolis,
and Central Indiana

Hours of Operation
Monday through Friday:

Indy Fit Seniors is a place for you well deserved age 65 plus to get healthy by making better self-esteem, fitness, eating and mental choices!

I offer a variety of specially designed, senior fitness programs, available at our Studio, your Home, Retirement Home and Corporate Fitness Center!

We also offer Boot Camp Classes!

I believe in Progressive Training (PT) and Challenging But Safe (CBS) workouts, and my training programs cover a variety of aspects, from proper lifting techniques and pace of the exercises performed, to proper sets and reps. You will learn about good nutritional choices in a fun and easy environment that will help you now and for the rest of their life!

For a breakdown of available programs and fees, please visit my Rates page.

For more information about the services I offer, or to schedule your training sessions, please feel free to call me at (317) 289-1219 or email tod@indyfitseniors.com - or use the
convenient form on my Contact page.

- Tod Esquivel, Personal Trainer

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